Travel Pictures

Portraits of unique people from               tribes and remote places

Once a year or more I have the pleasure to travel far and beyond and meet a vary of tribes or unique people in remote places. 

These meetings are often silent and strong filled with intens moods. Sitting side by side where only body language, integrity and dignity often form the frame before the picture is taken. Landscapes, festival suits, body paint, pearl decorated skins, tattoos are colorful accessories.

During the long days often in steamy heat I experience countless punctured tires, sleepless nights in a tent surrounded by wild buffaloes and meetings with tribes that think my camera is a sharp weapon and my reflector is the moon. These and many more memories gives me such great pleasure in traveling and having the opportunity to share all the beautiful faces and stories. 

The works are for sale in signed numbered limited editions. All comes with a certificate of authenticity and can be ordered in different sizes. Please contact by mail for order and availability,